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08/27/2014 - Receive Duplicate Fingerprint (Biometrics) Notices?

Have you received duplicate fingerprint appointment ("biometric") notices? AILA has issued a statement noting that USCIS is aware that duplicate ASC notices were recently issued in some cases and believes the problem occurred during transition to a new system for generating the notices.

Specifically, in some cases where notices were issued under the old system, duplicates were also generated by the new system.

Though the individual facts and circumstances of each case should be considered in determining how to proceed, USCIS has stated that if a duplicate notice is received and the client has already attended an ASC appointment and had biometrics captured, it should not be necessary to attend the second appointment. However, to be safe, it is best to call the 1-800 listed on the appointment notice to cancel the second appointment, and if you do not get confirmation of cancellation before the appointment, go to the appointment just to be safe.