What's New in the World of Immigration?

11/20/2014 - President Obama Speaks: New Deferred Action Status

The President has just announced a deferred action status for two groups: (1) parents of US Citizens or "Green Card" holders who have been in the USA for at least 5 years (since 01/01/2010), and (2) young people who were brought into the country illegally as of 01/01/2010. This is a temporary protected status and the possibility for a work permit so that families can stay together and taxes can be paid. This temporary protected status would not be available to recent or future entrants, or anyone with a criminal record. It is also not available to parents of "Dreamers."

This is an extremely limited action and not a permanent solution, permanent residence, or citizenship. It is a very fragile temporary status and not nearly enough to fix the country's broken immigration system. Broad-sweeping reform is desperately needed, and as the President commented just now, "only Congress can do that."

May favorite part of the speech had to be when the President essentially stated that this is not an amnesty; the real amnesty is allowing Congress to get off the hook leaving this horribly broken immigration system in place. The President aptly points out that if Congress would like a different path, he has one thing to say: "pass a bill."


La parte clave del plan de Obama beneficiará a los indocumentados que tengan hijos que son ciudadanos estadounidenses o residentes permanentes, que demuestren que llevan en el país desde antes del 1 de enero de 2010 y carecen de antecedentes criminales.

Estos indocumentados evitarán la amenaza de la deportación por tres años y obtendrán un permiso de trabajo, según el plan.