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11/21/2014 - How Can I Apply for New Deferred Action? [BEWARE OF SCAMS!!!]

The procedure to apply for the new Deferred Action Status has not yet been released. BEWARE of any attorney who tells you otherwise. BEWARE of any attorney who tries to take money in advance of the process being announced, there is no way to know how much the legal work will cost at this time. If the procedure is anything like DACA (the previous Deferred Action Status), assistance by a licensed Immigration Attorney should not cost more than about $500 to $700 hundred dollars.

While we wait for the announcement of the procedure, there are a few things that you can do now to get ready:

- Collect your biographic documents, such as your passport and birth certificate,

- If applying as a parent, collect your US Citizen or Resident child's birth certificate listing you as the parent,

- If applying as a parent, collect your US Citizen or Resident child's proof of status in the USA, such as: US Birth Certificate, US Passport, Naturalization Certificate, or Green Card,

- Collect proof that you have been in the USA since 01/01/2010, such as: receipts, medical records, employment letter, US taxes, W-2 or 1099, lease, entry documents such as visa or plane ticket, mail sent to your home address, children's birth certificates or medical records showing your name, official mail to your home address, financial statements with your home address etc...

- Collect the disposition for any arrest or past criminal matter. A criminal conviction will likely bar you from eligibility, but it is important to have the disposition so that an Immigration Attorney can research and evaluate whether or not you may be eligible.