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08/10/2015 - Dissecting Rubio's Comments on Immigration Reform

It is a long-standing pattern in the USA that in order for a Republican Candidate to have a strong chance of winning the Presidential Election, the latino vote is needed. Marco Rubio once appeared a strong hopeful due to his belief in the urgent need for comprehensive immigration reform, however, in the face of the 2016 Presidential Election, he has changed his tune and no doubt has completely lost the latino vote.

In the following clip, Rubio calls for a three step plan to tackle illegal immigration: http://latinousa.org/2015/08/04/rubio-calls-for-three-steps-to-immigration-reform/

From a practitioner's standpoint, I see three major flaws with his plan:

(1) He argues that in Step 1, he would implement a data system to record visa entries/exits, which would make the US effective in catching people who overstay their visas. The glaring problem with this is that we ALREADY HAVE such a system in place for a number of years, the I-94 system, which demonstrates his lack of understanding of the current immigration system and indicates a propensity for wasting taxpayer resources in duplicated efforts.

(2) He calls for an end to family based immigration, which is contrary to our country's longstanding policy of prioritizing family unity. This controversial step will certainly lose him his latino supporters, who characteristically prioritize strong family ties.

(3) In a complete reversal of his previously stated philosophy, he does not offer permanent legal status for persons who entered illegally or who overstayed visas, regardless of the unique factors of their cases. He makes no accommodations for humanitarian, sympathetic and/or mitigating factors. For example: What about women who enter on a fiance or marriage visa and are abused by their spouses who then refuse to finish the green card process for them? What about children who are in the legal immigration process when a parent sponsor dies and they are left without status? What about children brought here as babies who don't even find out that they are not US Citizens until they apply for college? What about hard-working families who have been here for 15 years paying taxes and bettering their communities? And so on...

Marco Rubio's 3 step plan would leave all people, regardless of their unique situation, hanging in limbo without legal protection if they so much as overstayed a single day.

Finally, I take offense to his statement that foreigners would have to "start paying taxes", which shows his unfair prejudice against immigrants portraying them as non-tax paying. In my several years of experience, I have not met harder working, more honest tax-paying people than my latino clients. I take offense to this consistent "criminal imagery" of latino immigrants, a view certainly shared by potential latino supporters.