Why Choose Us?

The first questions to ask before you hire an immigration attorney are: "How many cases like mine have you personally handled from start to finish and how many of those cases were approved?"

It is also important to ask yourself: "Do I want an attorney who specializes in immigration law, or an attorney who handles only a small percentage of immigration cases?" And: "Should I hire an attorney who has expertise in a wide-range of visas, or should I hire an attorney who only knows how to do one kind?" And finally: "Do I want to work with a big firm where my case may be passed off to someone else, or do I want to work with the same attorney from start to finish?"

Jessica Hargis has extensive experience serving the diverse New York City area, personally handling hundreds of employment and family-based visas, all types of "green cards", consular matters, waivers and naturalization filings. With over ten years of experience focused 100% in immigration law, and knowledge on a wide range of visa types, she can help you thoroughly weigh all of your options and choose the best one. As a solo practicitioner with a small caseload, she will be dedicated to your case from start to finish.