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Fiancé / Spouse Based Cases

We provide immigration options for fiancés and spouses living both inside or outside the United States; including K-1 visas, Spouse Petitions, Consular Processing, Adjustment of Status inside the USA, I-751 Removal of Conditions (including complicated divorce cases), and more.

Family Based Cases

Did you know that lawful Permanent Residents ("Green Card Holders") and US Citizens can sponsor other family members aside from spouses? Contact us today to discuss sponsoring your loved ones.

Employment Based Visas and "Green Cards"

Reach out today for a consultation to discuss a broad overview of your employment options, including professional work visas, training visas, investor visas, intra company transferee visas, treaty trader visas and more.

Extraordinary Ability Visas and “Green Cards”

People working at a high level in their field of expertise may qualify for an O-1 extraordinary ability visa or even the EB1-1 “Green Card”. We can guide you in the collection of documents and evaluate your chances of success prior to filing your case.


Hargis Law Firm has successfully won citizenship for hundreds of US Residents, including those with complicated tax, criminal and other issues.

Tourists / Students / TN’s / DACA and Others

Please contact Hargis Law Firm to discuss any of your other Immigration needs. Consultations are educational and can greatly assist in laying out both short and long-term solutions to meet your goals.

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