Why Choose Us?


Over 15 years of experience in 100% Immigration Law.

Jessica Hargis has served the diverse New York City area with a 100% focus on Immigration law for over 15 years, personally handling hundreds of employment and family-based visas, all types of "green cards", consular matters, waivers and naturalization filings.

Attorneys that do not focus on Immigration Law would not have the breadth of knowledge or experience in the Immigration field. They are often “spread thin” practicing many types of law and are less familiar with the nuances of Immigration Law.


Knowledge of a
wide-range of visas.

Law firms that focus on only one type of case may try to pigeon-hole their clients into a “one-size-fits-all” approach and ignore better visa options.

With over fifteen (15) years of experience focused 100% in immigration law, and knowledge on a wide range of visa types, Jessica can help you thoroughly weigh all of your options and choose the best one.


Your case will not get
passed off to a paralegal.

Many bigger law firms have clients first meet with an experienced attorney, but once the contract is signed, your file is often passed to less experienced attorneys and paralegals who are training or newly-hired.

A huge benefit to working with Hargis Law Firm is that Jessica is a solo practitioner with a small caseload, which means that Jessica is personally dedicated to each case from start to finish. She provides a boutique level of service and a high level of responsiveness that is impossible to deliver in a larger firm setting where cases are passed from person to person.


Over 98% Success Rate.

Jessica takes a unique approach that is responsible for her high success rate. While most attorneys ask clients to sign a contract and pay attorney fees BEFORE reviewing the client’s documents, Jessica does the opposite. She starts with a (typically free) consultation call. After the phone call, she provides each potential client with a checklist of initial documents to gather which she reviews PRIOR to asking for payment. Any red flags or issues are typically uncovered, discussed and resolved before you agree to start the case.

We review and accept your consultation

requests on a 24/7 basis