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12/30/2020 - Delayed Receipt Notices at USCIS Lockboxes

AILA continues to receive reports from members of delayed receipt notices for applications and petitions filed with the Lockbox, with some members continuing to report that they have not yet received a receipt notice for applications and petitions submitted in late October.

If more than six weeks has passed and you have not received a receipt notice, AILA suggests emailing the Lockbox Support Team at lockboxsupport@uscis.dhs.gov and Bcc AILA at reports@aila.org so that we can continue to monitor the issue. To minimize the volume of emails sent to the Lockbox Support Team, AILA suggests sending just one email and consolidating in that email a list of all the applications/petitions for which you have not yet received a receipt notice, including the application/petition type (e.g., I-485), the name of the petitioner and/or beneficiary, the date the application/petition was filed with the Lockbox, delivery/tracking information (if available), and any other relevant information.