More Busloads of Migrants Arrive in NY

NEW YORK — More bus loads of migrants reach the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan, sent by Texas Governor Abbott. Each bus arrival symbolizes the off-scenes battle between New York City government and Texas Officials. 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott began shipping busloads of migrants to democratic cities such as Washington, D.C. and NYC several weeks ago, in what has become a controversial and attention grabbing policy move, motivated by a desire to spread the financial hardship of the rising number of new migrants to "sanctuary cities."

The nonstop 30+ hour bus rides end in Times Square amidst rush hour traffic, letting off exhausted and famished riders. They are welcomed by crowds of charity workers, TV cameras and photographers: "Bienvenidos a todos a Nueva York". 

Some migrants consider New York their final destination, and are happy to have a direct means of arrival, while others claim they've been tricked into coming here by Texas officials. 

The influx of buses is testing New York's commitment to act as a "Safe Haven" for immigrants. Although they receive a cheerful welcome, the truth is that the city support system is increasingly stressed by the numbers of new migrants, and life after departing the bus is tough.  Many are taken in hand by several charity groups, and yet the large majority end up in NYC homeless shelters.

Many believe this is a result of Biden's "catch and release" style border policies, similar to Obama's, where migrants crossing the border are no longer screened for Asylum eligibility through credible fear interviews. Instead, the credible fear interviews have been done away with, and all are released into the USA to await future court appointments in the already severely backlogged Immigration Court system. Because the migrants have not been screened for eligibility ahead of time, the large majority will not have any basis to apply for relief from deportation and removal. Their future is uncertain at best.

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